15 Resources To Help You Keep Pace With Current Symfony Methodologies

SourcesThe Internet abounds with content and every sort of information, but it really takes time to filter all of this and find the most useful things for you.

If you ever wanted a great resource list on Symfony to familiarize yourself with its major methodologies, here it is, featuring 30 useful Symfony development articles, videos and podcasts.

  1. In his article William Durand dwells on Domain Driven Design in Symfony 2. He has a blog on best PHP practices which would be useful for every web developer.
  2. This video by Dave Marshall features a very accurate presentation on how to do DDD with Silex.
  3. The video provides PHP developers with an introduction into the hexagonal architecture as well as Symfony 2.
  4. In this video Benjamin Eberlei teaches functional testing in Symfony 2 and shows how to structure your tests better.
  5. This is a great video on effective decoupling by the same author.
  6. This is a must-read article by Fabien where he clearly explains Symfony 2 components while teaching how one can create their own framework using these.
  7. Mathias Verraes does a comprehensive presentation on unbreakable domain models.
  8. Matt Wynne gives a good talk on Hexagonal architecture at GoRuCo 2012.
  9. Udi Dahan dwells on the usage of Bounded Contexts at DDD eXchange 2011. In the video he explains how they turn formerly monolithic systems in composite applications with multiple lean domain models.
  10. Greg Young gives an extensive talk on CQRS and DDD providing much value for PHP developers.
  11. Here you’ll find some valuable thoughts and insights on testing through the user interface.
  12. Vaugh Vernon talks about designing effective aggregates here.
  13. From this article you’ll learn much about professionalism and test-driven development.
  14. In the podcast by Elephant in the room you’ll learn there’s a huge world of testing strategies and ideas which can be employed to raise your  team’s confidence in its code.
  15. Here you’ll find many comprehensive slides on models, service layers and more.