20 Lovely Projects Symfony Gave Birth To

SymfonyMany know Symfony as a popular PHP framework companies are using for web development purposes. But it’s not only that. It is also the best way to create your own projects and development solutions using either some of the multiple components Symfony provides or the full stack Symfony framework.

A number of such great projects based on Symfony are already well-known today.

They are:

  1. Drupal

A choice of millions, Drupal is a free content manager systems for website building. It’s developed and maintained by the efforts of a vast online community of IT enthusiasts.

  1. Laravel

Web apps are now built easier and with more pleasure thanks to Laravel, a web development framework with expressive syntax and simplified implementation of many common development tasks.

  1. eZ Publish

eZ Publish 5.1 is more than a content management solution for demanding mobile channels and websites. It’s also an irreplaceable tool for adapting to your users’ behavior and delivering highly personalized content to your different audiences.

  1. Composer

Composer is the best when you need to manage dependencies in PHP. It helpfully installs the dependent libraries you need into your project.

  1. Magento

It’s said that Magento is the most flexible e-commerce platform for boosting your enterprise website.

  1. Piwik

One of the top open source analytics platforms, Piwik is a super helper when you need to track your website visitors and develop your marketing campaign.

  1. Doctrine

This is a powerful object relational mapper for PHP which enables users to write their database queries in Doctrine Query Language which makes a good alternative to SQL.

  1. Silex

A concise, extensible and testable PHP microframework, Silex allows you to build lovely single-file apps simply.

  1. Behat

This one is a framework for doing behavior-driven development in PHP 5.3 or 5.4.

  1. Assetic

This is a tool for asset management in PHP. By separating assets and filters, Assetic distinguishes the files stored in your app and files actually presented to your users.

  1. Sylius

An e-commerce PHP solution, Sylius lets you build a webshop engine with perfect UX and large community. Constructed from decoupled components, it can also be used in many other apps.

  1. Goutte

This one is a web crawling and screen scraping library for PHP offering a nice API for site crawling and data extraction from HTML/XML responses.

  1. Sonata Project

Sonata may be seen as a Symfony components-based toolkit for building online stores with ease and fun.

  1. Sami

Sami API documentation generator uses a configuration PHP file to allow tweaking your API generation and other useful features. You can also manage your code versions and generate their documentation into a single tree.

  1. Zikula

A great toolkit for building web apps and sites, Zikula is praised for its ease of use, quick development and performance abilities and, of course, flexibility.

  1. Sismo

A PHP-based Continuous Testing Server, Sismo does no more than getting the code, running the tests and sending notifications to the user. Besides, it’s tool and language agnostic.

  1. Akeneo PIM

This Product Information Management was designed to give retailers efficient answers to the multichannel needs they usually have.

  1. Shopware

A complete solution for your online shop, Shopware offers a vast range of functionality and simplistic design good both for experts and novices.

  1. OroCRM

This CRM is equipped with lots of marketing tools you can use for your e-commerce business. The marketing automation tools OroCRM features makes tracking and segmenting your customers across many channels very easy.

  1. Propel

Propel, an Object-Relational Mapping for PHP 5.4. SQL Databases, enables a database access through a set of objects providing you with a simple API to store and retrieve your data. Moreover, Propel offers database schema migration, existing database’s reverse engineering and more.

What’s the best thing about all these projects, they are all open source just like Symfony itself!