5 Nightmares of Every Web Developer & Ways to Handle Them

A web developer's nightmareNon-tech customers, poor management and a number of other unpredictable factors often drive web devs and designers crazy.

These are the most common situations when web devs appear to feel like in a nightmare, and some tips to get you through these painlessly.

#1: Client gone, money gone

This is probably the worst fear of every developer, especially of freelancers, to be left without payment for a complete project you’ve put much work in.

Advice: Always get full contact info from the client. Take some payment in advance. Don’t put the project online until you get guarantees from the client.

#2: Crash without backup

I want to believe this problem occurs only to beginners, the lazy, and unlucky, but sometimes you are just so overloaded with tasks it slips you memory to make a backup.

Advice: You know it already, but it should become your habit: make regular, preferably daily backups, and use a version control system on some external server.

#3: Continuing somebody else’s work without source files

Having to continue work on somebody else’s design without a layered PSD or vector-based source file puts you in a really bad situation. In the worst progress you’ll have to build an identical copy of the current design which is going to take you very much time.

Advice: Just don’t accept this job unless the employer realizes the associated trouble.

#4: “One last minor change”

It’s great when clients provide direct feedback. But it’s just unbearable when their requirements change all the way and take excessive resources to implement.

Advice: Don’t let the client persuade you into unplanned design changes. Make sure your contract includes a detailed description of the project for this matter.

#5: One layout, so many browsers

Even when you’ve made your webpage responsive to Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and even Internet Explorer 7, there’s still a possibility for you to get a complaint from your customer that the layout is messed up badly and he even has a screenshot to prove it. This only can mean that your customer is one of those people who still use IE 6 browser.

Advice: Encourage the customer to install Opera or Firefox. You can also make it a habit to get browser shots of how your webpage looks in different browsers using browsershots.org.