5 Non-Tech Reasons You Missed At First Sight Why Symfony Is #1 PHP Framework

number-oneWhen you are to choose a PHP framework for building a site, you face a difficult choice among the large number of existing solutions. You can try using each framework or reading the documentation to know their benefits. But there are things you can only learn from a long relationship with a framework, such as reputation, permanence, innovation etc.

And here are the top 5 benefits of using the Symfony framework, which are often left unnoticed at first sight:

  1. You know you are using a quality product

When Symfony was first launched in 2005, web development professionals adopted it quickly. Today the framework is a reliable website building environment used and loved internationally. This is evidenced by the growing number of Symfony’s references. Besides, Symfony is constantly enriched by its active community including users, developers, integrators and other contributors.

  1. You can be sure Symfony will stay there

There is the SensioLabs company standing behind Symfony which has been here for more than a decade and has multiple major accounts in the references. The framework is still used for development by its team widely and therefore it makes a first-rate pragmatic tool while its features address real-life requirements. Moreover, Symfony provides a solid support to its users. Its support service is possible due to the vast and developed ecosystem of customer management. Finally, its Open Source license impose no constraints on users and allows to develop both Open Source and proprietary applications.

  1. You can see how others benefited from Symfony

Symfony doesn’t lack examples of its great contribution into other projects’ success. Hundreds of web apps of all types are using Symfony as their core, including general public sites, intranets, community sites, social networks, management applications, etc. Among the sites and apps powered by Symfony are such famous ones as Opensky.com, Yahoo!, Dailymotion, Drupal, phpBB and more.

  1. You stay innovative

Besides being everything you can expect from such a solution, Symfony is updated by its creators with a view to innovations which goes far beyond PHP. Their goal is to strive for excellence and add to the framework more advantages besides flexibility, speed, reusable components, etc. Among the ideas for Symfony improvement found elsewhere and then adapted to PHP is, for instance, dependency injection borrowed from Java.

  1. You are never alone with your problems

Symfony guarantees you lots of support and sharing in extreme situations. No matter what your trouble is, you’ll always find a solution within the community or at company’s support. You’ll also find it much easier to go throughout the process of web app development if you look up the multiple available works dedicated to the Symfony technology.