5 Reasons Everybody Wants You to Use a Framework

framework​You’ve already learned and loved the PHP language and you know you can develop cool web apps with it. But for some reason everybody wants you to use a framework to build projects. Why?

Well, there are at least 5 good reasons for that:

  1. They want you to develop better apps

A framework will give you certainty that your app is going to be well-structured, upgradable, maintainable and fully compliant with certain business rules. And these characteristics make a good app.

  1. They want to help you build apps faster

By reusing some generic modules you can focus on other important areas and save your time thanks to this facility of a framework.

  1. They don’t want you to waste effort reinventing the wheel

In the basis of any framework lies the principle of doing all the routine work for developers leaving them more important tasks. A framework will rid you of foreboding and most low value tasks to give you a chance to work more closely on on your business rules.

  1. They want you to have an easily maintainable app

A framework cares about the long-term longevity of your project. After the app is finished it often has some support issues the product owner may not have negotiated on with the developer. So if you want your product to be maintained easily not only by you but by any non-tech person, go with a framework. Framework structure also makes it simpler for other developers who will be possibly involved in the project to adopt the way the app was built and upgrade it painlessly when necessary.

  1. They want you to try Symfony

Those people advising you to use a framework may already have one on their mind. The Symfony PHP framework is a great option for building websites easily and with pleasure. Besides, Symfony is still PHP and not a black box, so Symfony-based apps won’t be only limited to the universe of this framework, but they will be interoperable with every PHP library you prefer.

After all, using a framework isn’t such a bad idea, is it?