5 Ways How Symfony2 Helps You Write Better Code

Better codeWhen choosing a framework for building a project, one should consider a lot of criteria. However, the initial requirement is that the framework helps developers write better code, be more productive and give better and faster results. Each framework aims to do just that, simplify the life of developers. But too often we hear programmers’ complaints about how the framework they were ordered to use just complicates the tasks and leaves them wishing they could write in pure PHP without any framework.

Whether such complaints are caused by poor functionality and usability of a framework, or by developers’ inexperience of working with such, this only undermines the trust in frameworks’ helpfulness and leave developers sceptical about using them.

The following things the Symfony2 framework does, on the flipside, stress its helpfulness for developers:

  1. It cares about performance.
    So important as performance is, many get concerned with their project’s performance once they come to the end of their development phase. That is, when everything is already designed at the technological and functional level and not much can be done about performance without have it to take the project apart again. Performance is not easy to optimize in the first place, but, luckily, the Symfony2 creators took effort to ensure that their framework is fast and emphasizes performance from the start. Thus, if you compare it to its earlier version, it’ll be twice faster than Symfony 1.4 while taking twice less memory.
  2. It adapts to your needs.
    No matter what your needs may be, Symfony2 will adapt to them well. What makes it entirely configurable is its Event Dispatcher and dependency injector, with each one of the bricks possible to use independently. Let’s look at the three Symfony2 configurations you can use depending on your project requirements. First, Symfony2 Full Stack can be effectively used for the development of a complex app with multiple functionalities. Also, by using Symfony2 brick by brick anyone can build their own web development framework picking only the needed functionalities. Finally, as a stand-alone micro-framework, Symfony2 is successfully used for building specific functionalities of the project. Using only certain bricks, you don’t have to redevelop the project or install the whole framework.
  3. It lets you expand infinitely.
    Symfony2 is perfectly expandable thanks to its bundle structure. Thus, everything in it, from the core to the smallest brick, is represented as a plugin, or bundle. As each bundle intends to add some functionality into the framework, it can be reused in other projects and shared with the community. The bundles structure allows Symfony2 users to change the framework to their liking, including the core as well. Just use interface contracts between the bricks of its system and change Symfony2’s behavior without complete reconfiguration.
  4. It ensures stability.
    SensioLabs, the Symfony solution provider, guarantees its users a 3-year support of major Symfony versions and also life-long support of the issues concerning security. Besides, compatibility between all its minor versions is ensured for the API determined by public interfaces.
  5. It makes your work easy and comfy.
    As Symfony2 is a perfectly functional environment as well, it provides developers with a certain level of comfort. Thus, the development solution taking care of minor functionalities’ development and many other unpleasant tasks in order to let developers focus on their actual app highlights and be more productive. Symfony features a number of great tools called to simplify web developers’ life, they include Web Debug Toolbar, native support of development environments, native security, detailed error pages and more. Moreover, Symfony2 is very accessible in being absolutely flexible to satisfy both beginners’ and advanced users’ development needs. Thus, for example, there are professional and community support, plentiful documentation and built-in best practices in the framework always available to help beginners feel at ease using Symfony very quickly.

These 5 benefits are claimed by the Symfony creators as well as are evidenced by practice. To sum it up, if you choose Symfony2 for building your app, you’ll get a long-term idea of application assets and make your daily developer life much easier with it.