5 Ways You Can Help Symfony Community Solve DX Issues

Symfony communitySymfony 2 is experiencing its rise, but its creators aren’t going to stop making their framework even more effective. Symfony project leads point out that there are still multiple issues in development experience (DX) occurring everyday due to different reasons such as different development approaches of Symfony users, their lack of Symfony knowledge or development experience in general. That’s why the necessity arises to help Symfony developers solve their DX issues timely.

Symfony creators suggest the following 5 ways of helping the community facilitate this process:

  1. Issues With the DX Label

The list of symfony/symfony issues has been supplied with a new label - “DX”. So whenever you run across a new DX issue while using Symfony, open up a new issue and it’ll be tagged with DX. Thus you’ll let the Symfony community know about the point of  Symfony usage they can improve.

  1. Repositories With the DX Label

Similarly, whenever you’ve built a Symfony library or bundle, tag it as DX to let its users leave issue reports. Symfony creators are interested to make the great framework experience move beyond its core by building a healthy ecosystem including high-quality documentation and libraries.

  1. Hack Day

There’s no better way to address many important DX issues at the same time and find a collective solution other than coming together for a meeting. Symfony leads have recently hosted their first community hack day on July 5 and discussed all the urgent DX questions live. Though the meeting was held remotely, the participants were still be able to give their high-fives to each other via IRC and hack away on many DX and other important Symfony issues.

  1. Being Aggressive

While protecting backwards compatibility no doubt is very important, Symfony frontmen encourage the community member to think out of the box and even aggressively to help the framework creators find even better solutions to already tackled issues.

  1. Focusing on Beginners

Maintaining excellent DX in Symfony for everyone is not only about generating innovative ideas and inventing new solutions, but also about being able to quickly get those beginner Symfony developers appearing every day up and running and make these newbies’ DX in Symfony just as great. That’s why it also make perfect sense to blog about some basic things in Symfony to provide assistance for every newcomer.