Friend Says I Should Learn PHP. Can I Make a Career With It?

PHP elephant It has long been a question for many if PHP developers can hope for a lucrative career in the visible future. And the answer will be ‘yes’. An experienced PHP programmer has much prospects in the employment market. Mostly it is because PHP is the programming language responsible for any website’s dynamism in the first place.

Today potential PHP developers who are fairly skilled in some additional programming languages and keep their finger on the pulse of modern wireless and mobile technologies and the latest developments are really in great demand. Such specialists are often exposed to many amazing employment opportunities such as software engineering.

PHP, a server side developing language, enables user interaction with databases of web pages. PHP programmers are always recommended to gain additional knowledge about some associated software development areas such as HTML coding and other programming and scripting languages.

As for the responsibilities of PHP programmers, they design and write various functions of the website. Debugging as well as some testing techniques are also within the scope of PHP developer competence which help ensure websites run smoothly. Most employers require from applicants a graduation degree in such areas as computer science and the like. In many cases nevertheless well identified certifications are also readily taken.

To get better career prospects PHP developers will also benefit from add-on skills like C++, JavaScript, Java, Linux, Visual Basic, Perl, Apache, Python, Ruby, XML/AJAX, etc.

By keeping abreast the latest technologies and innovations your career has all chances to grow in a short time. Besides, many PHP programmers first hired as software engineers also have managed to reach some managerial positions.

Given these lucrative and dynamic career options, PHP gradually becomes an imperative programming language in IT.