The New 2.5 Symfony!

Meet Symfony 2.5Recently a new 2.5 Symfony version has been released. As the developers mentioned before they were headed for quality improvements rather that new features development. And it worked pretty well. A colossal amount of bugs was eliminated, code was cleaned, and every single Symfony component was improved. So now it’s standing all brand new and shiny, willing to satisfy all of your needs. Despite the fact that Symfony is feature-frozen it is now on a new level of quality and has all it takes and even a bit more.

But there are some novelties and here’s a little taste of them:

  • A cool new Form Debugger. A net and handy Form Debugger panel was probably of the most loved features of the 2.4 Symfony. And it got even better now. It has a collapsible form tree on its left as well as collapsible sections on the right. And guess what? The browser is now capable of memorizing which layers were expanded or collapsed. So feel free to refresh is for as many times as your playful heart wishes to. And it also has a cleaner UI with highlighted erroneous fields. Thus the UI is now fairly easier to read and understand, because interesting information is explained by default.
  • The error messages were also updated since the 2.4 version. They were extremely useful then since they helped with classes and functions that were missing, und they only got better.
  • Most importantly lots of bugs were removed, especially the most irritating ones like the #110114(Validator) and #10983(Doom Crawler).

So, as we can see the Symfony team has done lots of work improving their creation and their results are absolutely worth the effort. A new updated Symfony has emerged and it’s really mostly pleasure to operate with her for web developers.