Random Symfony Tips

So, who is up for some Symfony magic? Everybody? Oh, wow, this is music to my ears. There are numerous random tricks, tops and hacks I am willing to share with you, if you will enjoy this post and support it with shares and comments.

Symfony has an astonishing community around it for deeper support and guidance. Here are several random tips from them at your disposal, and who knows, perhaps it’s this simple knowledge that will, once, save your entire project:

  • Vagrant is a great tool to set up your dev environment on your virtual machine, and will probably work great every time despite your project scope. Just try it out and if you will combine it with this nice script you will be perfectly able to move logs, cache and other things inside your VM, thus significantly speeding Vagrant up. If you want same code to fit all environments add Ansible. That combo is a killer double-win for you.
  • GIT. Yes, good old Git should be used for source control. Why reinvent the bicycle if we are already provided with numerous working solutions? Here are several friendly Git assistants for your comfort:
    • Git re is great when you must, or prefer to tidy up all your commits.
    • Git update is a swell alias that allows changed files addition and re-uses earlier commit’s messages in a simpler manner.
    • Continuous integration will go in a more smooth way with CircleCI (https://circleci.com/). It provides you with an extremely handy feature that allows you to perform automatic deployments if and when any build on a certain branch passes.

    We truly hope these few tips, tricks and tools were or would be handy in your Symfony projects.