Despite Honorary Age Symfony Has Quite A Pack To Punch! Here’s Why!

How’s Symfony doing right now?

Punch​For starters you are not to get this post wrong. Symfony is still amongst the leading frameworks and its only casual that, with the growth of competitors like Zend it will have a fewer amount of new ‘club members’. The question is whether you re to abandon Symfony as something outdated or you are to stick with it as the framework still has much to offer?

How the things are actually going on with Symfony, one may ask. It’s quite simple! Symfony has a usage level that is still higher that even the one of its competitors like Zend. It’s just that currently dynamics are headed in the wrong direction. Many people are finding Potencier as the reason of such a happening because it’s what most of Symfony work is done on. And, nevertheless, it’s highly doubtful there will be a drastic usage fall-down, but rumors are rumors. In my opinion there is still nothing to be concerned about. Here’s why…

How’s Symfony still in the saddle?

The catch is that Symfony offers many things its competitors are simply incapable of (or users will not be as comfortable with provided solutions).If you are looking forward to creating large-scale projects in top speed, well, you are stuck with Symfony. As well as the PHP skills requirements are way softer than the ones of Zend. Symfony is fast to start running due low requirements. The community may not be of the largest ones, but the fact remains. There is a community of developers who are dedicating their time and effort to assisting both you and Symfony. Plus Symfony is free, thus remaining the best solution for fast app and social network creation.