Time to Study: 10 Great Resources for Symfony 2 Learners

learningSymfony 2 makes a considerably steep learning curve for beginners and that’s why they are continuously in search of good Symfony 2 learning materials. But since the project is relatively young and no books have been written on it yet that could enlighten Symfony learners on every aspect, it makes sense to look for good manuals or tutorials available on the web in great amounts.

Here are 10 helpful resources which will be of use while mastering Symfony 2. The list includes so called official resources, amateur works, and forums you can find advice on.

Official Resources

  1. The Symfony Book is official documentation available to download in PDF. This is probably the best guide to start from as it covers most Symfony functionality though has no many examples from real world.
  2. The Symfony Cookbook is the complementation of The Book and provides more complicated examples about Symfony 2 use cases. It doesn’t always have the example you may be desperately searching for, but it’s a must to read for sure so that to understand what the framework is capable of as well as how it’s better to use it.
  3. Create your own framework is a series of articles by Symfony’s creator Fabien Potencier where the similar components which make up the Symfony 2 framework are used to build another such framework. Therefore, the series gives you a really great way to get to know the building blocks which are often invaluable when you need to accomplish something complex with Symfony 2.

Community Efforts

  1. The KnpUniversity screencasts introduce readers to the key Symfony 2 features, from installation and configuration to security, forms, using Doctrine for handling data sources, etc. These require payment, but are definitely worth it since KnpLabs have been involved in Symfony2 development and well know how things work.
  2. Symblog is a great step-by-step tutorial to creating a blog with Symfony 2 well covering most of urgent topics. Every part of the guide refers to related articles of the official documentation which makes it a good helper while building anything tangible.
  3. Jobeet tutorial with Symfony 2 also explains the MVC development approach used in Symfony 2 and well tackles functional and unit testing.
  4. PHP and Symfony is one of the best blogs to study less common Symfony features and helps much with the topics which prove while going beyond building simple blog apps, etc.
  5. Richard Miller‘s blog also excellently assist developers in solving non-trivial Symfony 2 development issues.


  1. Symfony 2 Google Group is very handy in that often your problem has already been answered. Again, this guiding resource is just as well a great place to go when in need of help from people who’ve been already using the framework for a long time.
  2. Symfony 2 IRC Channel provides real-time assistance well, and is populated both with experts and newbies. By following the chat here you’ll be able to quickly pick up tips and tricks which will help you solve problems you are to encounter in future.

Happy learning!