Why It's Worth Learning Symfony Rather Than Laravel

Leravel‘Should I learn Symfony2 or Laravel?’ ‘Does Symfony give more business opportunities?’

You must have heard such questions before. Let’s try to answer them.

It’s no wonder people faced with such a choice feel lost. Many did when they just started out as there are always so many ways and every of them is seemingly the right one. There are programmers who started their career from CakePHP, then switched to Zend Framework and felt some regret about not choosing that language in the first place.

But you are not going to make this mistake because the answer is this: learn Symfony2, not Laravel.

To prove this is the right way to go, consider the following reasons:

  • While Laravel is no doubt growing strong at the time, Symfony is getting increasingly thought the industry standard though. Thus, a lot of high profile companies today are searching for Symfony developers. A number of great companies can offer you some great opportunities with Symfony.
  • Potential clients are also readily buying Symfony products today and selling is pretty easy. Symfony wins out here because available developers seem to always be there. This completes this circle and ensures that Symfony developers are likely to be in demand yet  for a long time on.
  • Symfony also teaches you to build some larger applications in the way. Thus, it constantly forces you to get familiar with such things as MVC and Inversion of Control. And this certainly boosts your development skills even higher. Some can argue Laravel does this, too, but no one would deny Laravel greatly draws on Symfony concepts and, thus, Symfony certainly take these much farther.
  • Built on top of many Symfony Components, Laravel is just one of a number of OSS projects depending on Symfony. Thus, your Symfony knowledge and skills in the Symfony framework are definitely to come in very handy while developing with some  other projects such as EZPublish or Drupal.

Of course, there are some downsides, too.

For example, one risk is to become a commodity. Experts always suggest developing a healthy and varied skillset, and this chance is one of such cases when you’ll need that. IT companies, and startups in particular, are looking for good specialists yet only those able to apply their skills to many different problems

Besides, you might be tempted to take up Laravel as it can be much easier to learn and everything can take less time to develop with it since Laravel was built for rapid development purposes like Rails, for that matter.

Finally, whatever choice you make, the most important is to have fun while building all these things!