Skyhook was founded in 2003 to capitalize on the increasing demand for location-based services. The first location technologies, GPS and cell tower triangulation, were inadequate - leaving frustrated mobile consumers with slow and inaccurate positioning information. In response, Skyhook developed a software-only location system based on Wi-Fi positioning, GPS and cell tower triangulation.


To implement a website allowing users to register for Skyhook Javascript API key and promoting this technology to web-developers/site owners.


The portal is based on Symfony 1.0 PHP framework and using Propel ORM to maintain Javascript API registrations. Google maps API is used to display Loki JS API sample code results. Integration with Loki JS API has been performed in order to demonstrate the technology on How it works and Findme pages.


The project has been completed and now is in production.

Platform/OS OS Linux
Language PHP / Javascript
Tools Symfony Framework v1.0 / MySQL / Propel ORM / Google maps API v2 / Loki Javascript API / jQuery v1.2
Category Technology (Loki Javascript API) promotion website
Summary Loki® adds location to any website
Duration n/a