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4xxi_Symfony Development

Symfony is the most popular PHP framework created and since supported by SensioLabs 4xxi is an official  partner.

4xxi’s expertise has helped create successful start-ups and solved complex problems for more established mature organisations by building mobile and web applications.

We are developers. We do not like bureaucracy and we do not play politics. We simply do our job and do it well, as our clients all testify. Each product we build we consider as our own.

4xxi is among the world’s top-10 companies in the Symfony development quality rating, and in the top-10 Russian companies that work with React.

We provide both technical and product expertise for our clients. That’s why the start-ups we have helped build so far have raised in excess of $100M in funding and gone on to build significant revenue streams and shareholder value.

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Software Development Company Statement


We work on world-class projects that change industries.

And sometimes people’s lives.

That’s just the way it is — we make excellent products.

4xxi – About

  • Trustworthy
    Symfony is the most popular PHP framework for over ten years supported by SensioLabs.
  • Stable
    Symfony suits for different projects no matter how complicated they are: any component can be replaced, which makes the framework very flexible.
  • Sociable
    Symfony has one of the most active communities of developers, who create an ecosystem around the framework.
  • Expandability
    Flexibility allows using only the components you need for the specific project.
  • Expandable
    Symfony’s architecture allows to quickly connect and adapt secure reliable modules (bundles).
  • Secure
    Symfony is one of the safest web frameworks and has a clear support plan by Core Team for each version.

4xxi – Facts

  • Over ten years of Symfony experience
  • Over 30 certified Symfony developers
  • Over 19 completed Symfony projects


  • Financial mobile apps
  • Financial messengers
  • Robo Advisory: automated personal financial advisors
  • Systems for automated creation and rebalancing of ETF portfolios, bonds, stocks, and other financial instruments
  • Personal accounts for financial and insurance companies
  • Lending: loan organizations and credit score
  • Payments and Money Transfer: payments via banks and mediators (PayPal, Stripe, TD, Pershing, etc.)
  • ML & Data Analysis: building of systems for financial data analysis
  • Personal finance: personal finance management and building of personal financial plans
  • API development for payment systems integration
  • Case-by-case loyalty systems for business
  • Recurring payments

4xxi – Instruments

  • Must Have
    – FOSUserBundle
    – HWIOAuthBundle
    – DoctrineBundle
    – FOSRestBundle
    – API Platform
    – SonataAdminBundle
    – EasyAdmin
    – NelmioApiDocBundle
  • Utilities #1
    – DoctrineFixturesBundle
    – DoctrineMigrationsBundle
    – VichUploaderBundle
    – LiipImagineBundle
    – KnpPaginatorBundle
    – FOSJsRoutingBundle
    – KnpGaufretteBundle
  • Utilities #2
    – AvalancheImagineBundle
    – KnpSnappyBundle
    – JMSI18nRoutingBundle
    – JMSSecurityExtraBundle
    – JMSTranslationBundle
    – GenemuFormBundle
    – LexikFormFilterBundle
    – LiuggioExcelBundle
  • Integrations:
    – RabbitMqBundle
    – SncRedisBundle
    – FOSElasticaBundle

4xxi – Clients

  • Canada
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore