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Model view control model is the basis of various PHP frameworks and so is the case with Symfony which is a PHP framework (Open source). The newer version of Symfony PHP is its second version known as Symfony 2. Well, its extension is quite popular as it contains various enhancements via which development process can be speed up. The coding structure of this framework is lightweight as well as it is easy as a piece of cake. By using this framework, a variety of web applications have created with this technology for various industries. Every business man look for high-end web applications for better results and business opportunities. So, for a profit earning business chooses Agnito Technologies as we make best use of symfony and it let your business to earn more with a very small investment.

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Agnito – About

Symfony is a framework meant for making web applications plus it is free software. The main aim of this framework is to speed up the process of web application creation plus repetitive coding task has replaced by the framework. Robust applications have been built by using symfony and it become easy for developers to have control over configuration. Everything is customized here i.e. from foreign library to directory structure. Besides this, additional tool has been used with symfony so that the development guidelines of the enterprise can be followed and fulfilled.

Agnito Technologies believes in inventing unique, new and productive ways via which one can conduct business with ease and earn huge profit. Emerging technologies have changed the web development world to greater extent and thus our expert’s experiments with Business models and emerging technologies so that best results can be achieved. We combine technical skills and IT abilities together and the result of this combination is success & profit. Here you will get services regarding Zend, innovative visualization, Angular JS, WordPress, NodeJS, Drupal, Symphoney, Opencart and many more.

Management practice and world class quality has been embraced by us as we are the leaders of it. We concentrate on providing offshore software development & web development services to our clients. We have a high quality procedures and quality management system that make us better and unique from our competitors in the market. Talking about knowledge then we are familiar to the industrial verticals and multi-locations solutions have been provided by Agnito Technologies Company. We are on a mission to make your investment worthwhile by providing you innovative and quality software designing solutions and let your business flourish day by day.

Agnito – Advantages

  • For coding purpose, MVC structure has been used
  • Best practices and coding standards are used to develop web pages
  • The URL facility is attractive plus it is SEO friendly
  • Test driven development
  • ORM support (In- Build)
  • Rapid application development
  • It is easy to extend and integrate
  • It leads to fast coding, execution and development of the project

Agnito – Services

  • Symfony2 component development
  • Symfony plug-in
  • Symfony migration services
  • Portal development ( enterprise level)
  • Consulting services
  • Maintenance & support services
  • Product development ( Symfony based)

Agnito – Benefits

  • Affordable charges: As previously said, your bank size doesn’t matter as our charges fit in your budget easily.
  • Get the job done by experts: Experts knows everything and thus hiring an expert to ensure that you are outing your investment in the right place.
  • Quality work: Quality is a must as without it, your website or applications is just waste. We promise to deliver quality projects.
  • Contact 24/7: have any doubt? We are available 24/7 for you as you can contact us anytime and can enquire about our services & work.

Agnito – Facts

700 Completed Project

380 Customer Retention

28 Experts Team

3 Years of Business

Agnito – Our Industries

  • Legal
  • Automobile
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Quiz
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Fantasy Sports
  • E-Commerce
  • Health Care
  • Social Media